The token has been initially launched on the BEP-20 (BNB Smart Chain) network and is intended to offer various utilities. It is the engine of the entire AVEC ecosystem and gives exclusive access and benefits to its holders within the platform. Users will be able to use the token for all transactions including the Avec Pay payment gateway. You can buy it on Pancakeswap on the Binance network.

BSC contract



It is deflationary thanks to the periodic burning that is scheduled. Being a deflatory token allows for sustained growth in the value of the currency.

Multi networks

It is projected to operate on multiple networks or blockchains. It has already been launched on Bianance's BEP-20 network and is expected to operate soon on Ethereum's ERC-20 network.


When you purchase and hold the token, doors are opened for participation in launch processes, the acquisition of NFTs, or purchases through the Avec Pay gateway.




Total $AVEC Token Supply

300 MM

Initial price

$ 0.01

Initial circulating supply of $AVEC tokens

80 MM

Initial market capitalization

$ 800,000.00

PancakeSwap Initial Liquidity

$ 200,000.00

Initial Token Distribution



Q3 2023

Implement Avec Pay platform


Q3 2023

Q4 2023

Avec Pay launch


1Q 2024

Operation Avec Pay El Salvador and Honduras

In progress

1Q 2024

1Q 2024

Avec Pay Operation in USA

In progress

2Q 2024

Avec El Salvador Exchange

In progress

2Q 2024

3Q 2024

NFT platform and wallet

In progress

Online price

You can view the real-time price of $AVEC, provided by the Dextools platform.

You can also purchase it on Pancakeswap, using the Binance network, by following the links.

Avenida Crypto - El Salvador

Avenida Crypto - USA